Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stormtrooper defeated by Jinhao X750

And now for something different...

A while back I got one of these little plastic Star Wars stormtroopers, because I always wanted one, and I'm a big Star Wars fan (the original series, not the new garbage Lucas puked out more recently). Because these little guys are very posable, I decided to play around a bit with the stormtrooper and the Jinhao X750 fountain pen, which looks like some sort of torpedo from the future.

Here's what actually happened...

TK-421 knew he was on the fast track for promotion when Lord Vader personally assigned him to the task of unloading the new X750 experimental weapon (codename "Jinhao") from Vader's personal shuttlecraft. He was already imagining himself in the soft, crisp, officer's uniform. It was about time. He'd had enough of this blasted tin-can armor. But first thing's first...

TK-421 and Jinhao X750 #1

"Damn, this thing's heavy," he thought as he picked one end of the "Jinhao" off the sterile floor of the shuttle's hold.

TK-421 and Jinhao X750 #2

"Whew, at least I got the heavy end off the ground," he panted as he gathered his strength for the final effort.

TK-421 and Jinhao X750 #3

"There, momma didn't raise no quitter," he grinned, just before...

TK-421 and Jinhao X750 #4

"Dammit all to hell!" was his last thought before the blackness took him.

The "Jinhao" super weapon didn't kill poor TK-421 that day, but three months later Han Solo did.



  1. Terrific post. Thanks.

  2. Now that's funny!  A great sense of humor and even better photos.  Thanks for a bit of lighthearted fountain pen fun. :-)

  3. Shaking head held in hands while uttering, "why...? why...? why...?"

  4. I love this post!!  You have an excellent sense of humor.  

  5. Thanks! That's what you get when you combine 2 things you enjoy.

  6. Haha thanks Karen! Sometimes this sense of humor gets me in trouble, particularly when it jumps the shark :)

  7. Fabulous! This is just idiotic, but I ignore the third photo, and what I see is a very unfortunate contestant in a galactic edition of The World's Strongest Man making a grave miscalculation while attempting to shift the heaviest Fingal's Finger. Oh! Poor bugger, he won't be back next year, or ever. A weakling myself, naturally my thought tends this way when it comes to the X(cruciating)750. My friend Dexter complains bitterly about the Jinhao Torpedo by the second paragraph. It's a smooth ride, but very ponderous.

  8. That - my friend, is precisely the question...

  9. Haha yeah you can write your own story around those pictures. I just felt like doing something silly, hopefully I succeeded.

  10. Absolutely you succeeded, I hope you have more hijinks in store!

  11. Tell me please where did you buy this toy?

  12. There you go: