Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome to Peninkcillin!

Here I am, starting a new blog about pens, inks and the joys of handwriting. I am but a tiny drop in a sea of folks with similar interests, or so it seems. My passion for pens, or rather fountain pens, was re-ignited just recently and it's a good thing, because it has laid dormant for far too long.

I am ashamed to admit that for many years I have been almost exclusively typing on a keyboard instead of writing by hand, and this has had negative influences on the quality of my handwriting, which wasn't that great to start with. Luckily, I've been bit by the creative bug as a child and I've been dabbling in the artistic side of life ever since. It's too bad I'm not a real artist - and never will be - but at least I try.

My passion for pens and all things related started when I went to school as a kid. Back then we were required to use fountain pens and that was my first contact with these elegant instruments. Unfortunately I had access to the worst pens possible. For years afterwards I continued to enjoy a good writing instrument but slowly my passion was buried under various other hobbies and interests.

A few months ago, everything changed. I saw a random article on a website I visit regularly about a cool online store which sells stationery products. I started browsing the store and I became hooked. Not long after, I placed my first order and found myself in the possession of some brand new fountain pens as well as a couple of inks. I had arrived in Fountain Pen Land! My passion started burning hot and now I'm afraid it has become an addiction.

So I did what many other fellow addicts do at this stage: I started a blog. As to the name of this blog, I won't bear a grudge if you consider it silly. As a guy who likes to joke at every opportunity, I think it is funny. The way I came up with it is unexpected. I wanted to start this blog for a while now but I couldn't figure out a good name for it. On a whim, I asked my wife who was watching some TV from the couch, "Hey I'm starting a new blog about pens and inks. Can you think of a good name for it?" The second suggestion she made was "peninkcillin" which is a play on words on "penicillin". I thought for a few seconds and realized the name was brilliant. Penicillin is an antibiotic and I am suffering from a pen-ink disease, so "peninkcillin" sounds appropriate. Thanks honey!

Whether this blog will prove to be a cure for my addiction or just the opposite, remains to be seen!


  1. Ah, but do any of us really want to be cured?

  2. Not really but we like to kid ourselves that we can control it :)

  3. We seem to have been bitten by the same bug, I started my blog less than a month ago! Got bit in the wild last year, in happy pen-and-ink-heaven ever since!

  4. I'm interested as to whether you think your addiction related to the objects or the action? I love pens and pencils, and I love the tactile nature of using them. But to me the fact that after 8 years I now have 36 Moleskines cataloguing my life in pictures, drawings, and description is the end-result that I want. So for me I can't even venture out of the door without a Moleskine in my bag!!

  5. Well, it's both the pens (or the objects) because I like to own certain nice things, as well as the action of using a fountain pen. Using a fountain pen is a totally different experience than writing with a ballpoint pen.

    I have an artistic soul (but no talent) so I appreciate instruments that are used to create art. And I also like to make believe I am an artist :)

  6. Welcome to the writing instrument blogosphere! It's a fun place. So how do you feel about... wooden pencils? (-:

  7. Thansks wood! Gee... how do I feel about wooden pencils. I won't lie to you: I'm not a big fan. I've used them for years in school and I always yearned for a good mechanical pencil.

    Nowadays I can afford the best wooden and/or mechanical pencils but unfortunately I'm not an artist and I really have no use for them. Maybe I'll start sketching for fun but until then my only mechanical pencil is gathering dust.

    On the other hand I do appreciate wooden pencils as a collecting hobby. Much cheaper than fountain pens and incredibly varied.