Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fountain pens for sale - Aug 2014


  • Free shipping (except for the Noodler's Flex)!
  • Buy all 3 pens for $80 shipped!
  • Buy both remaining pens for $50 shipped!

The time has come for me to cull my growing collection of fountain pens. Reviewing my usage patterns has revealed that, despite being excellent pens, there are a few that I simply don't use anymore.

These days, my daily pens consist almost exclusively of the Kaweco Sport Classic eyedropper, and the Pilot Vanishing Point, both with broad nibs. As a result, I've decided to clear up some of the inventory and hopefully finance a future pen or two with the proceedings.

#1 TWSBI Diamond 530 EF + B (piston version 1.5) - SOLD!

I've decided to sell my beloved TWSBI 530 because it's the original design and I really like the new 580AL which I'm hoping to acquire at some point.

My 530 comes with 2 nib units: the original EF (in perfect condition and a very smooth writer) and a B unit which is excellent and I absolutely adore thanks to a little spring in the nib.

HOWEVER - fair warning - the B unit has a cracked section. This is a known issue and design flaw that a lot of 530s have suffered from. The nib works just fine and the cracks are mostly cosmetic but I am not sure how long you'll be able to use it until (and if) the section completely splits open. You might be able to obtain a replacement section piece from TWSBI (who have great customer service). I didn't have time to contact them unfortunately. You could also use the flawless section piece from the EF unit if you wish, as the two are interchangeable. Here's what the cracked section looks like.

My TWSBI 530 comes with all the original stuff: cardboard box, display case, instructions, wrench, silicone grease, and, of course, the B nib unit (the nib unit alone is worth $20).

Asking Price: $45 shipped
Shipping: $5 via USPS
US only, sorry.

#2 Yellow Pilot Prera with M nib - SOLD!

I love the little yellow Prera but it's been (figuratively) gathering dust for a long time. I don't have a lot of medium nibs in daily use and this pen has been sadly neglected. It needs to go.

I'm also including a CON-50 converter, worth about $5. This version of the Prera DOES NOT come standard with a converter.

Otherwise, the pen is in excellent, like-new, condition. It even has the original M sticker on it.

Asking Price: $40 (shipped)
Shipping: $5 via USPS
US only, sorry.

#3 Noodler's Nib Creaper Flex in Lapis Inferno

I have an Ahab which is better in every way than the Nib Creaper so there's no point in holding on to this one. The Nib Creaper is barely used so it's pretty much in like-new condition. It comes with the original cardboard box.

Asking Price: $10
Shipping: $5 via USPS
US only, sorry.

I accept payment through Paypal only.
Pens are sold as-is. I've described them to the best of my ability. I'm not offering any warranty, and once money is exchanged and the package has shipped, no returns either.

If you are interested, please contact me via the email listed on the About/Contact page.

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  1. That Prera is tempting. Here's hoping it goes to a good home.