Monday, February 3, 2014

Peninkcillin is on Twitter

Hi folks! It seems that yours truly has finally decided to get with the times and join Twitter! My only regret is not doing it earlier. I'm not that old, I promise you, yet I was resisting the pull of social media with determination.

As a private individual I have nothing of note to tweet about, which is why I never followed this trend, but as Peninkcillin I have a thing or two to say about fountain pens and inks. So here I am.

I haven't joined Facebook or Google+ yet but that might change. Those two are a different beast from Twitter, though. Besides, I'm already juggling over a hundred accounts of all types on as many different websites and it's becoming harder and harder to keep track and manage them.

In the meantime, give @Peninkcillin a follow if you feel inclined!


  1. Hi Freddy, I'm afraid I have no idea what you are talking about. I don't know what Protopage is and I don't use My Yahoo. I'm not big on social media either, as you can probably tell, since it took me all this time to finally join Twitter. Thing is, I believe Twitter is a good tool for attracting more readers to my blog. Besides, I can use it to wax poetic in tiny snippets about my hobby without having to write a post.

    Anyway, how are you discovering new posts on my blog? Do you subscribe to my RSS feed?

  2. I have you on My Yahoo now but am looking to make Protopage my Home Page. Unfortunately, I am not at all computer savvy so don't know how to set this up. This new shorthand way of communicating (Twitter) is just not for me. I guess I'll just have to pop into My Yahoo from time to time.

  3. Twitter is just an additional way to reach people. In my book, it doesn't replace comments or RSS, though I've seen at least one blog which switched their comments entirely to Twitter. I'd never do that though.

    I suggest Feedly, which is a great feed reader that I also use to organize my ~200 news/blog sources.

  4. I just got Peninkcillin on Protopage! I'm a happy inker now. ;-)