Friday, August 5, 2011

Ink mix: Operation Overlord Orange + Burma Road Brown

If you've read my review of Noodler's Operation Overlord Orange and Burma Road Brown, you will know that I wasn't thrilled with either of those two inks. OOO is dull and bleeds hard through the paper (any paper), while BRB is dry and tends more towards green than khaki.

Luckily I just bought samples of these inks instead of full bottles. After reviewing and playing a little with them, I still found myself with a small amount. I wasn't going to throw it away so I decided to mix the remainder. I didn't know what to expect but I suspected that they would mix well, considering they belong to the same "family", namely Noodler's V-Mail.

I poured them into my Pilot Varsity and the result was more interesting (to me) than either of those two inks. I got a truer shade of khaki, lighter than Burma Road Brown, with hints of gold.

I can't tell what the exact proportions were but I would roughly estimate 5x OOO : 3x-4x BRB. There was slightly more Operation Overlord Orange, but Burma Road Brown, being darker, overcomes it, so the darker ink is more prominent.

In the Pilot Varsity it flowed really well. It also showed a little bit of shading. It managed to curb some of Operation Overlord's bleedthrough, though this one also bleeds through Rhodia a bit and a lot more through regular photocopier paper.

So there you have it: another successful ink mix!

Noodler's Operation Overlord Orange - Burma Road Brown ink mix


  1. Hi Peninkcillin !
    Very nice color and shades you have done. Its color very similar with my ANIKI yuki's garden. Thats my production under the the name of ANIKI. I finished tests. I will send to you some samples. As you done, in your color spectrum, orange or yellow makes the ink color brighter.

  2. Now that is a lovely color! It looks like when you sprinkle gold powder while doing crafts and stuff. You now, that glitter stuff.

    This ink you've "created" would be superb for signing cards and decorating.

    Nice job! :)

  3. Thanks guys! Too bad I "lost" the formula lol. But I'm sure it can be easily re-created with some experimenting.

  4. Pretty nice, actually.  I'm having a deja vu moment; it reminds me very strongly of something, but I can't remember what.  Whatever it is, it's EXACTLY that shade of green!

  5. Haha, drop me a line if you remember!

  6. No, I think it's a vegetable or plant; but as hard as I look at that color, it evades me while dancing just out of reach of my recognition.  It's maddening that I can't pin it down.  Whatever it may be, it's just that exact shade!  P.S. I just mixed about 3 parts Tiananmen with 1 each of black and #41 Brown.   Ooooh.  Not what I was hoping for, but a delightful surprise nonetheless.