Friday, March 25, 2011

Disqus on Peninkcillin!

Dear friends and readers, I'm happy to announce that I've installed the Disqus commenting system on Peninkcillin! This should make commenting easier and more versatile for everyone.

I was inspired by Ink Nouveau and Seize the Dave who also recently decided to implement Disqus on their blogs.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Disqus is great, I'm really glad I found it. I'm glad to see so many other bloggers in the writing world using it now, it helps to manage comments so much easier, and facilitate much better conversation! Good move ;)

  2. Thanks Brian! I knew about Disqus for a long time but I noticed this trend recently, for blogs which have Disqus. It seems that people are more likely to comment if a blog has Disqus. I also appreciate the fact that you can reply to what someone else posted and it makes the whole discussion flow better.

  3. Y'know, I've been thinking about Discuss. I've been trying to get to implement it on our blog there, and I definitely have it on my Tumblr. My Wordpress pencil blog? I've not yet made that jump, but if they start playing nicer together (mostly on Wordpress's end), I think I'll go for it.

  4. Andy, I say go for it! I was being lazy about it, that's why I didn't implement it earlier. I still have another blog with much higher traffic than this one which can benefit from Disqus but I need to get my ass in gear.

    Shouldn't be too hard to integrate in Wordpress, especially if you host it yourself.

    I'm already seeing more comments on average since I implemented it. My hunch was right: it really makes it easier for people to comment.

  5. As you explain Brian inspired me for DISQUS. I try to implement in my Fountain Pen Blog hosted like yours in Blogspot. But it produced to me a series of problems. And I removed it from my blog. I know maybe disqus is great but customer support and documentation is nothing.

  6. I had a little bit of trouble first but I sorted it out quickly. In your Disqus account go to
    and you will find instructions for installing it in Blogger.

    Make sure to follow those instructions exactly. Use a browser which doesn't disable Javascript or blocks scripts. My installation attempts failed at first until I realized that I was using Firefox and I had a bunch of security addons enabled, which interfered with the installation script. So I switched to Chrome (or you can try IE) and it worked without a hitch.

  7. Dear Peninkcilin !
    This is a great name and very smart brain you have to find this beautiful name.
    Warm Regards from Turkey. In Turkey BLOGSPOT is blocked since the beginning of March for the reason of illegal football sites links publish by one(1) blogger. Now all blogspot is forbiden for Turkish bloggers. For that reason we are using proxy for accessing our blogs.
    I am a unique turkish fountain pen and notebook blogs owner. I imagine we are a friend as pen addict..
    First of all thanks for your response and for your sincerity.
    Now again I implemented Disqus codes in to my blog. Now it works. But I have a small problems for solving. I emailed for my problems to Disqus stuff.
    Many thanks and warm regards from Turkey

  8. Thanks Ali! My wife actually picked the name for the blog.

    I'm glad to have visitors from Turkey and I'm also glad that you are a fountain pen fan. The amazing thing about hobbies is that they can unite people from all over the world.

    It sucks that they blocked blogspot. Though I live in the US, I wasn't born here and we too had to fight for our freedom a long time ago. That's why I believe that, aside from your life and health, perhaps some of the most important things that you can have are the freedom of speech, expression and thought. These are very precious and every human being deserves them. I'm glad you are fighting back with proxies and VPNs. More power to you brother!

    Thanks for visiting!

  9. This is the test comment dear peninkcillin. In my blog I can not delete comments. I will delete this message.

  10. Thanks for switching to disqus! I love it!

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